ZALIX, which started its activity in health & cosmetics sector in 2001, is amongst the leader companies in its sector in Turkey.

Our company which continues to its activities especially in Turkey, Turkish Countries, Europe, Russia, Middle-East and Northern Africa, produces its products under the brands Warriors, Zalix and Androxin, and also performs production as Private Label for the other brands. 

In its client portfolio, there are Hairdressers, Beauty Centres, Hospitals and Pharmacies.



Our Group Companies, which move forward to become one of the leader institutions in Health & Cosmetics Sector; cares to have a vision which;

-Adopts ethical working principles,
-Is operated by qualified and trained manpower, 
-Provides solution for the needs of the clients, 
-Have a wide and high-quality product range, and
-Respects the environment.



Our Company cares much about being an institution which;

-Adopts healthy and quality life principles, 
-Is open for all improvement in the world, 
-Keeps up with all innovations and changes, 
-Provides a professional working ambient for its employees, 
-Make no compromises from its product quality,  
-Prioritizes the customer satisfaction, 
-Evaluates the sources in Turkey, 
-Determines long-term strategies thanks to its high investments in Research & Development activities.



We comply with all local and international standards and GMP requirements in medicine and cosmetics productions and in all other applications. We provide services with highest safety to human health. It provides, develops a sustainable quality system by continuously optimizing the works at this level via internal/external audits and trainings, and make its employees adopted them.  

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